Jiangyin ACESUN Heavy Industry Machiney Co.,Ltd

Jiangyin Acesun Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Changshou Village, Zhouzhuang Town, Jiangyin City, Jiangsu Province. Acesun Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the production of various hydraulic packaging machines such as large hydraulic balers, gantry shears, metal chip briquetting press, etc. The main choice for the automotive, scrap, metallurgy, manufacturing, and mold industries.After years of experience accumulation and development, our

Hot Products

    • Metal Chips Briquetting Press

      Metal Chips Briquetting Press

      Vertical Metal Chips Briquetting Press is mainly used for cold pressing all kinds of scrap metal powders and chips into tight briquettes,such as iron powder,aluminium powder,copper powder,lead power,Magnesium powder,etc.No binder is required to add.After pressed into tight bales,these metal briquettes will occupy much less space,easily for storage and transportation.Also,convenient for feeding into furnace and smelted with higher efficiency.

    • Steel Iron Chip Briquetting Press

      Steel Iron Chip Briquetting Press

      Y83W-10000 Horizontal Steel Iron Chip Briquetting Press is mainly used to directly cold press all kinds of metal shavings/chips/powders such as aluminum chip /cast iron chip,powder chip,etc into 50 ~ 70 kilograms of cylindrical cakes to facilitate storage and transportation and reduce losses during recycling.

    • Steel Shavings Shredder Machine

      Steel Shavings Shredder Machine

      Steel Shavings Shredder Machine is used to crush the long steel shavings into smaller size.As we know the steel shavings which come from the lathe machine are very loose and occupy too much space while storage.These long shavings are not suitable for briquetting press to make briquettes.Also not suitable for transportation by truck because the material is too loose and one truck can load only few materia.Transportation cost is high.