Aluminum Alloy Sheet Punch Press

Aluminum Alloy Sheet Punch Press

Aluminum Alloy Sheet Punch Press is mainly used to cold-press electronic waste lead chips into tight block with high density at customized shape.Which showed on the photos.As we know,there is electrode on the lead-Positive and Negative.So at least customer need two briquetting machines to deal with the positive lead and negative lead separately.
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Aluminum Alloy Sheet Punch Press is applied to compress metal sawdust (steel, cost iron, aluminum & copper) into cylindrical briquets of high density to reduce burning loss in smelting, easy for recycling and smelting. Cast iron sawdust, after pressed into briquets, can be substituted for raw iron.


*Semi-automatic press system with force for economical volume reduction of residual (recyclable) materials.
*Variable structure – feed side/bale ejection – can be adapted to spatial conditions
*Easy binding of the pressed bales thanks to pre-cut wires with snap closure eyes.
*Highly reliable and user friendly

3.Working Procedure

1 、Feed material into vertical hopper by hand or conveyor.

2、Top cylinder push downward (twain cylinders).

3、After briquetting, the horizontal cylinder push briquette outs.

4、Cylinders return back, prepare for next briquetting.

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