Aluminum Powder Briquetting Machine

Aluminum Powder Briquetting Machine

Aluminum Powder Briquetting Machine is mainly used to cold-press electronic waste lead chips into tight block with high density at customized shape.Which showed on the photos.As we know,there is electrode on the lead-Positive and Negative.So at least customer need two briquetting machines to deal with the positive lead and negative lead separately.
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Aluminum Powder Briquetting Machine are suitable for pressing and/or briquetting of all kinds of swarf resulting from machining of steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, a.s.o. Also special alloys in powder form, slag compounds, battery waste and grinding sludge from a wide variety of materials can be processed, as well as tyre wires and mill scale.


The Aluminum Powder Briquetting Machine frame adopts integral steel castings to prevent cracking of the welded parts of the steel plate, which improves the reliability and service life of the equipment.


o    1 Year Warranty

o    Custom Engineering and Integration

o    Product Applications Testing

o    Bag Graphics Design Support

o    Customer Service Support

o    Technical Phone Support

o    Factory Service

o    Field Service Engineers

o    Customer Maintenance Training

o    Customizable Preventive Maintenance Agreements

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