Briquette Metal Making Briquetting Machine Press

Briquette Metal Making Briquetting Machine Press

Briquette metal Making Briquetting Machine Press is mainly used for cold pressing all kinds of scrap metal powders and chips into tight briquettes,such as iron powder,aluminium powder,copper powder,lead power,Magnesium powder,etc.No binder is required to add.After pressed into tight bales,these metal briquettes will occupy much less space,easily for storage and transportation.Also,convenient for feeding into furnace and smelted with higher efficiency.
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1. Application and Machine Structure

Briquette metal Making Briquetting Machine Press can put the powder into cast iron scrap, high grade nodular iron scrap, alloy, steel, copper and other metal scrap and cold press them into cylindrical cake block, the density is 5.5-6 tons/cubic meter (no adhesive is used), the production is 8 ~20 tons.This machine is vertical structure, cast steel upper and lower beam, automatic long material out of the block.Can be equipped with different circulation cooling system.



1. The upper and lower beams are all made of integral steel castings, and the upper and lower beams are connected by internal and external nuts with four columns to bear the tension during work.

2.The punch of the mold and the press are equipped with high-strength wear resisting steel that can be replaced quickly.resisting steel that can be replaced quickly.

3.The front end of the punch is equipped with a wear-resisting punch pressing ring that is easy to disassemble and install, so as to extend its service life.

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