Briquetting Machine For Scrap Metal

Briquetting Machine For Scrap Metal

briquetting machine for scrap Metal is mainly used to cold-press electronic waste lead chips into tight block with high density at customized shape.Which showed on the photos.As we know,there is electrode on the lead-Positive and Negative.So at least customer need two briquetting machines to deal with the positive lead and negative lead separately.
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briquetting machine for scrap Metal can put the powder into cast iron scrap, high grade nodular iron scrap, alloy, steel, copper and other metal scrap and cold press them into cylindrical cake block, the density is 5.5-6 tons/cubic meter (no adhesive is used), the production is 8 ~20 tons.This machine is vertical structure, cast steel upper and lower beam, automatic long material out of the block.Can be equipped with different circulation cooling system.


1.Hydraulic drive,operation stable,no vibration,safe and reliable.
2.Simple foundation needed.
3.PLC control, manual and automatic operation.


Respect clients,devote ourselves to improving the total value of clients.
1.Take photos(including raw material,semi-products,final products and loading products).
2.Pre-check and accept products ahead of delivery.

3.Prepare all clearance documents,so that the customer clearance smoothly.

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