Chips Briquetting Press

Chips Briquetting Press

chips briquetting press is mainly used to cold-press electronic waste lead chips into tight block with high density at customized shape.Which showed on the photos.As we know,there is electrode on the lead-Positive and Negative.So at least customer need two briquetting machines to deal with the positive lead and negative lead separately.
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chips briquetting press is used for cold pressing of other metal scraps including powdery grainy cast iron scraps, high grade ductile cast iron scraps, alloy scraps, steel scraps, copper scraps, etc. to columniform cakey block with the density ≥ 5.5~6.2T/m3 (without any bond). The output of the shift is 8~20Tons. This machine designed with vertical structure, upper & nether beams of cast steel, firmly and trmtly with PLC controlling, auto charging, auto pressing, auto discharging themachine goes on in full automatically. It is very easy to operate.


1. This press adopts advanced mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated control, with automatic feeding device, floating pressing, so that the molding density of the product can be effectively controlled, protective mold release and general mold release are available.
2. The hydraulic system adopts advanced The plug-in combination valve block ensures continuous and frequent stable work of the hydraulic machine;
3. The mechanical stop positioning and stepless adjustment mechanism of the three positions of loading, forming and demoulding determine the stable and adjustable geometric size of the product. Equipped with oil cooling device.
4. It adopts PLC and man-machine interface for centralized control, and is equipped with mechanical limit device to ensure the consistency of products.


1.We provide Services to translate Operation Manual and Other Documents into your language, worry-free to operate and maintain

2.7x24 Technical Phone Service, we do care your real problems anytime Engineers available to service machinery overseas

3.We have continues record for our customs with details to provide faster and more efficient custom service

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