Compacted Aluminum Shavings

Compacted Aluminum Shavings

Compacted Aluminum Shavings is mainly used to directly cold press all kinds of metal shavings/chips/powders such as aluminum chip /cast iron chip,powder chip,etc into 3 ~ 70 kilograms of cylindrical cakes to facilitate storage and transportation and reduce losses during recycling. This series of equipment is divided into two types of vertical type and horizontal type. At present, a relatively large output is a horizontal type briquetting press machine.
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Product Details

1.Product Application

Compacted Aluminum Shavings is designed with quick speed cylinder and liquid rinsing valves, and the machine has auto charging unit which can be operated by one person.

-- The machine uses standard materials, through product testing.

-- There are no loss material loss after the process.

-- Powder Briquetting Machine Copper Powder Compress Plant is easy to operate, saving labor.

Horizontal Hydraulic Pres详情


1. This press adopts advanced mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integrated control, with automatic feeding device, floating pressing, so that the molding density of the product can be effectively controlled, protective mold release and general mold release are available.
2. The hydraulic system adopts advanced The plug-in combination valve block ensures continuous and frequent stable work of the hydraulic machine;



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