Metal Powder Briquetting Machine

Metal Powder Briquetting Machine

Metal Powder Briquetting Machine is mainly used to directly cold press metal materials such as aluminum chip into 3 ~ 70 kilograms of cylindrical cakes to facilitate storage and transportation and reduce losses during recycling. This series of equipment is divided into two types of vertical models and horizontal models. At present, a relatively large output is a horizontal aluminum briquette briquetting machine.
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Product Details

1.Product Application

Metal Powder Briquetting Machine can put the powder into cast iron scrap, high grade nodular iron scrap, alloy, steel, copper and other metal scrap and cold press them into cylindrical cake block, the density is 5.5-6 tons/cubic meter (no adhesive is used), the production is 8 ~20 tons.This machine is vertical structure, cast steel upper and lower beam, automatic long material out of the block.Can be equipped with different circulation cooling system.Horizontal Hydraulic Pres详情


PLC control, fully automatic operation.

Siemens motor, Huade hydraulic system

Gate-type pushing system, fast speed and high efficiency

The equipment is equipped with a residual liquid collection system, which can collect compressed waste liquid

Can be equipped with screw conveyor to improve production efficiency

Equiped with the automatic feeding system.Enabled unmanned cooperation



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