Scrap Chip Briquetting Press Machine

Scrap Chip Briquetting Press Machine

Scrap Chip Briquetting Press Machine is mainly used for cold pressing all kinds of scrap metal powders and chips into tight briquettes,such as iron powder,aluminium powder,copper powder,lead power,Magnesium powder,etc.No binder is required to add.After pressed into tight bales,these metal briquettes will occupy much less space,easily for storage and transportation.Also,convenient for feeding into furnace and smelted with higher efficiency.
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Product Details

1. Application and Machine Structure

Scrap Chip Briquetting Press Machine ,iron powder, manganese powder powder forming hydraulic press is a four-column structure hydraulic press, which is mainly used to compact iron powder, manganese agent, copper agent, chromium agent and other powder into cylindrical cakes. The press has advanced technology and uses an advanced volumetric weighing method with an accuracy of ± 5 grams. It has completely changed the method of manual weighing in the past, not only saving a lot of plastic bags, but also saving a lot of labor costs. The safety factor is extremely high, which fundamentally solves the safety problem of workers at work, and allows you to rest at ease.


2.Quality Features 

1.Hydraulic drive,operation stable,no vibration,safe and reliable.
2.Simple foundation needed.
3.PLC control, manual and automatic operation.


1). High strength die sleeve.

2). Good quality seals, so no oil leak.

3). Water cooler, protective net, hosepipe, flange, oil temperature gauge.

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6.Our Quality Control


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