Alligator Scrap Metal Cutting Machine

Alligator Scrap Metal Cutting Machine

alligator scrap metal cutting machine is used to cut scrap metal and help separate different types of materials, so you get more from metal. Our shears are ideal equipment for recycling scrap strips, tubes, extrusions, automotive radiators, gears,etc...
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alligator scrap metal cutting machine is suitable for metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling sites, smelting and foundry industries, scrap steel plants, etc. It can cold cut various shapes of steel and various metal materials. The crocodile shears are based on their structural principles It is named after the crocodile, which is similar to the crocodile. Because of its simple design structure, low failure rate, high shear pressure, and low maintenance costs, the machine has been recognized by the market.

Crocodile Shear详情


1. The blade is screwed, replaceable and available on all 4 sides.

2. Adjustment system and friction plate can adjust the gap between the cutter head and the knife holder to prevent the cutter head from reversing.

3. High-pressure soft oil pipe to reduce vibration and prevent oil leakage.

4. PLC and manual operation can choose.

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1. OEM service
2. Hydraulic aliigator shear for metal scraps
3. Offer warranty for one year
4. Best and competitive price

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