Adjustment method before using automatic Waste Metal Pressing Baler

- Aug 12, 2020-

1. If the enterprise purchases a semi-automatic baler, it uses traditional packing materials or reclaimed materials and is very thick, so that the baler adjustment only needs to be based on the customer's requirements for the tightness and length of the tape, and Others can be used without adjustment. If the customer uses pure PP strapping and is very thin, such strapping can adjust the tightening force of the strapping machine and the length of the strap. A

2. If the enterprise uses a fully automatic packing machine, this machine has high requirements for the quality and various indicators of the packing belt. ‘Special packing belt hardness and inclination’. What adjustments are required? First adjust the size of the storage belt (according to the size of the bow) and then the pressure of the pressure roller, and then fine-tune the feeding force and feeding time according to the situation of feeding. A

3. If the enterprise purchases is unmanned, the position of its photoelectric switch needs to be adjusted. Secondly, it can be adjusted according to the adjustment method of the above-mentioned automatic baler. A

4. Band width and joint adjustment When the width of the band is uneven or the band of another width is replaced, it is necessary to adjust the left and right insertion slot. If the slot is too narrow, it is difficult to insert the tape; when it is too wide, the strap is joined after the baler bales it. There will be uneven connections. Generally, the width of the insertion slot should be about 0.5-1 mm wider than the width of the tape. A

5. Adjust the temperature of the ironing head. The temperature of the ironing head greatly affects the quality of the strap joint. In order to make the polypropylene strapping joints stick firmly, the knob is generally placed in the 3-5 position. Whether the temperature of the ironing head is appropriate, you can check the adhesion of the ironing head surface. If there are white marks on the surface of the iron, the temperature is already too high; if the surface of the iron is wet, the temperature is insufficient. A

6. Adjust the tightness of the bundle and open the table panel. Loosen the hexagonal set screws on the top of the big mother A by hand, tighten it clockwise, otherwise loose. After the binding force is moderate, tighten the hexagon socket set screws. A

7. Adjusting the length of the tape feed The length of the tape is determined by the tape length adjuster on the front panel. If the strap is too short, it is easy to tie the hands. At this time, the baler can grasp the strap head by hand and pull the strap out in the direction of the strap. However, the length of the feeding belt needs to be readjusted to ensure the normal binding of the next lane. If the strap is too long, it is not easy to align the position. The strap and the Panasonic strap are easy to wrap together, causing the strap to be misaligned or broken.