Advantages of Automatic Metal Baler

- Jan 26, 2021-

The metal baler is easy to move, easy to operate, easy to maintain, safe and reliable to use. Users can customize the size of the package according to their needs, and can cooperate with the transportation or storage of materials. With this equipment, labor efficiency is greatly improved, labor intensity is reduced, human resources are saved, and transportation costs are reduced. It is the most ideal metal Packing equipment. 1. All models of this metal packing equipment are hydraulically driven. The user can select manual equipment or select programming controller equipment, and the user can automatically control the equipment to operate. 2. This kind of metal packing equipment does not require anchor bolts. In the absence of power supply, users can equip diesel engines as the power supply of the equipment. There are two forms of metal baler package delivery, push the package and flip the package. There are 8 levels of extrusion pressure, ranging from 63 tons of materials to 400 tons of materials. The production efficiency of different specifications of the equipment is also different, from the extrusion material 0.5 tons/hour to the extrusion material 20 tons/ Hours of equipment are available.