Advantages of Metal Gantry Shear Machine

- Dec 23, 2020-

The Metal Gantry Shear machine structure is suitable for metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling plants,renewable resource material recycling industries,for various shapes of color steel tiles,bicycle racks,motorcycle racks,scrap car iron sheets,hydraulic oil drums,and refrigerators.Various metal structures such as iron sheet,TV case,angle steel,channel steel,briquette, etc.are cut in cold state and processed into qualified charge.The control is convenient and simple,and the scissors mouth can start cutting and stopping at any position during the work process to obtain work benefits.The piston is sealed with a grid ring, which can not only keep the shear force constant under high oil temperature,but also keep the shear force constant under long-term operation or high oil temperature conditions.These advantages improve the quality of the machine and extend its service life.This equipment adopts hydraulic transmission.Compared with mechanical transmission shearing machine,it has the advantages of small size,light weight,low inertia,low noise,smooth movement,convenient operation, flexibility,large cutting area,and gantry shearing machine structure.Advantages such as convenient adjustment,safe operation and use,and easy to realize overload protection.