Analysis of foreign sales of metal packing machine

- Mar 16, 2020-

With the development of domestic metal packer enterprises, many manufacturers or trading companies are no longer satisfied with one acre of land. More metal packer enterprises began to move to overseas market. At the same time, we cooperate with foreign trade companies to sell metal packing machines, and at the same time we develop our own foreign sales channels. Some domestic metal packer enterprises have begun to establish their own foreign trade departments, while maintaining the existing old customers, while developing new customers abroad.

After communicating with some foreign trade personnel who sell metal packers, it is found that most of the domestic metal packer enterprises' overseas customers are in Africa, the Middle East and other underdeveloped regions. As for Europe, America, Japan and other developed countries, few customers need to find metal packer manufacturers in China. The reasons are as follows: Although there are many domestic metal packer enterprises, their product R & D ability and the ability to manufacture high-quality products are relatively insufficient, and the developed countries have higher requirements for product quality. However, less developed regions such as the Middle East value price more, so they will choose more Chinese manufacturers. For them, the metal packers made in China are relatively good in quality and low in price