Application status of Container Metal Shear Machine

- Nov 13, 2020-

Mechanical sorting, dismantling, processing, and purification are carried out according to the variety and specifications, and various scrap steel raw materials are produced, which are distributed to the steel plant for re-smelting steel, and the quality of scrap steel products is gradually improved. The crushing process can separate the inclusions of the scrap steel and remove the dependent substances to produce pure high-quality scrap steel. It is especially suitable for processing light and thin steel scraps such as scrapped automobiles and household appliances. The scrap steel crushing line has complex manufacturing technology and high production cost. However, due to its advanced technology, large processing range and high productivity, it can sort out non-ferrous metals, remove non-metallic debris, and process high-quality scrap with high purity. China has less environmental pollution and is an ideal scrap steel processing equipment. It is known as the most advanced scrap steel processing equipment. Only a few domestic enterprises have the relevant complete set of technological capabilities.