Cast iron scrap cake press has significant advantages due to its unique principle

- Dec 21, 2020-

The cast iron scrap cake press is fully automatic and multi-function easy to operate,and has high work efficiency.It can directly cold press powdered cast iron, steel scrap, opper scrap, aluminum scrap,etc.into cakes, so as to facilitate transportation,casting, and the entire process.It requires heating,additives,or other processes,and is durable and easy to maintain. It greatly reduces the cost of manpower and energy.It is a multi-purpose equipment that saves energy and reduces consumption.Principle of Cast Iron Scrap Cake Press: Add loose materials to the large hopper above the feeding tank. The back cavity of the feeding cylinder is filled with oil,the piston rod is extended and reset,and then the back cavity of the sub-cylinder is filled with oil,driving the piston rod and punch of the main cylinder to press down quickly. When the punch enters the mold cavity, the back cavity of the main cylinder enters the pressure oil.The main cylinder begins to attack to compress the material into a crumb cake, and after maintaining the pressure,the main cylinder retreats slightly, the back cavity of the auxiliary cylinder enters oil,the piston rod retreats,drives the pumping block back to the position where the cake block can exit,and the main cylinder continues to descend.After pressing the pressed cake out of the mold cavity,the front cavity of the auxiliary cylinder enters oil,the piston rod extends,and the pumping block is driven to push the cake out of the cake and reset at the same time.

Finally,the front cavity of the sub-cylinder is filled with oil,which drives the piston rod and punch of the main cylinder to rise and reset to complete a cake pressing cycle process and enter the next cycle program.


1.The cast iron chip cake press adopts hydraulic transmission,highly integrated valve block and large flow diameter,so that the system pressure loss is small and the sealing performance is good.2.The use of cartridge valve,electro-hydraulic proportional valve and unique oil circuit design make the hydraulic system perfect.Even if it works under long-term heavy load, the system will not be inadequate.3.The system is designed with a pre-discharge device to completely eliminate hydraulic shock.4.Advanced fast device to ensure your class output.5. The electrical part adopts advanced PLC automatic control system,which has strong anti-interference ability and low failure rate.