Classification and use of Hydraulic Metal Baler Machine

- Feb 27, 2021-

The metal hydraulic baler is divided according to the way of bale delivery:

1) Turn over package series.

2) Side push bag series.

3) Front push bag series.

Metal hydraulic baler is divided according to pressure:

There are 60 tons, 100 tons, 135 tons, 160 tons, 200 tons, 250 tons, 400 tons, 600 tons, etc.

Metal hydraulic balers are mainly used in recycling and processing industries and metal smelting industries. Various metal scraps, steel shavings, scrap steel, scrap iron, scrap copper, scrap aluminum, aluminum shavings, disassembled car shells, waste oil drums and other metal raw materials can be squeezed into rectangular, cylindrical and other shapes of qualified charge . It is convenient for storage, transportation and recycling.