Classification of Metal Baler

- Aug 03, 2020-

There are many types of balers. Different machines should be used for different production situations. According to the advantages and disadvantages of each strapping equipment, it is reasonably used. The following is an analysis of the working characteristics of each automatic balers. What standards can be used to divide the balers. 

1. Manual baler: manual operation is required to complete the entire process, under normal circumstances: electric hot melt, iron buckle clamping method. 2. Semi-automatic strapping machine: After the strapping is manually inserted, the machine will automatically complete the strapping process of tape gathering, bonding, cutting, and stripping. Since each product requires manual operation, it is relatively inefficient. 

3. Fully automatic packing machine: no manual insertion of tape, the trigger mode is divided into jog, manual, continuous hit, ball switch, foot switch, just press the switch to complete the packing automatically, which is convenient and fast. 

4. Fully automatic unmanned packing machine: no manual tape insertion, only setting: automatic completion of the whole process of tape gathering, bonding, cutting and tape out, according to the requirements, 1-5 bales can be customized, Speed: 2.0 seconds/track.