Common faults and troubleshooting of baler

- Feb 26, 2020-

Situation one:

The handling method is as follows when the belt is stuck in the middle of the roller or there is foreign matter that can not be taken out

a. Remove the washer of the hex nut. Metal packing machine

b. Loosen the two M5 countersunk screws on the middle connecting shaft. Since these two screws are fixed on the gap part of the connecting shaft, the screws must be turned up.

c. Remove the connecting shaft, pick up the upper engine and take out the stuck object.

d、 Assemble and restore according to the above c-b-a mode.

e. Pay attention to the clearance of 0.3-0.5mm between the nut and L-shaped curved plate

Situation two:

The semi-automatic packer does not automatically take out the belt. In this case, first check whether the "take out length adjustment" is at "0", and then check whether the process of threading the belt is correct. If not, it will also cause this situation if foreign matters are stuck near the belt feeding roller.

Situation three:

The belt is not cut after binding, which can be caused by many conditions.

a. Too tight

b. If there is oil on the sliding plate or belt, they are all located near the elastic adjustment, and the oil must be removed and wiped off.

C, the belt is too tight, lower the belt drive seat down, or adjust the motor back.

d. Use a thinner belt or take off roller with too much clearance.

Situation four:

Poor adhesion.

a. The temperature is too high or not enough, sometimes it is a special belt with poor viscosity. The temperature must be very accurate.

b. The voltage used is not enough. There are many factories with insufficient voltage. If the extension cable or cable is used again, the voltage drop will be caused, so that the original adjusted temperature will become low, or even the motor will burn when it is tightly tied. Therefore, try to avoid using the cable. If it is necessary to use the extension cable, it is necessary to connect the thicker but not too long wire.

c. The 635 bearing under the middle knife is broken, so it is heated and cannot be bonded completely.

d. The long pull spring on the electric crank (swing bar) is tired, so that the crank cannot be pulled to the position, resulting in half or even less adhesion.

e. The electric heating steel sheet is too high and too low, or it is inclined to the left and right, so it meets the PP belt at the top and bottom, or the left and right cutting tools, and cannot enter the heating, so it shall be adjusted according to the situation.

f. The failure of the exhaust fan caused the temperature to be too high.

Situation five:

No action when inserting the tape.

LS1 micro switch on the right side of the upper sliding plate is faulty or the shrapnel is blocked by foreign matters, so the contact cannot be touched