Development Direction of Hydraulic Metal Gantry Shear

- May 20, 2020-

Nowadays,more and more environmental protection required,the recycling of scrap metal is an important part of building a new resource-based society. The recycling of scrap metal is of great significance. Scrap and old metals are high-quality steel-making furnace materials. The increased use of metal scrap will effectively reduce resource extraction and waste emissions. Therefore, from a current perspective, investment in gantry shears is feasible.

Users who know a little about it should understand that its configuration is complete, which is equivalent to a complete production line. One device can be used by multiple devices. It is powerful and practical. powerful. The cutting quality is good, you can adjust the gap of the blade edge, the size of different thickness, the cutting requirements of different materials, so as to obtain good cutting quality.

Hydraulic gantry metal shears are commonly used in old metal, scrap metal recycling processing plants, scrap car dismantling sites, resource and material recycling industries, various shapes of colored tiles, bicycle racks, motorcycle racks, scrap metal plates, hydraulic oil drums, refrigerator Cold cutting and processing iron sheets, TV housings, angle steel, channel steel, small lumps and other metal structures into a qualified charge.