Employees should be trained before using the Automatic Scrap Metal Baler

- Jul 13, 2020-

How to use the automatic packing machine, in fact, is it that we will use it? What should we do, this requires our company to train our employees, why do we train? Is it important?

First, training is an effective investment for enterprises. Now the company's emotional investment in employees is gradually increasing. Training can be one of the important methods of emotional investment and can help companies retain talents. Therefore, training is an effective investment in the company, and it means that employees can learn more knowledge and skills. This is a long-term and effective consumption, and it also means that the enterprise has given tomorrow's job. Why not do something that benefits both parties?

Second, training can standardize work processes. A standardized workflow can avoid errors and dangers to the utmost. For example, a worker who operates a machine does not train him to switch on and off the machine first. Once he reverses the order or does not follow the process, the consequences may be machine damage, personal injury, and huge losses to the enterprise. Standardized operation process training can improve production safety and reduce the risk of errors.

Third, training can improve work efficiency. Training based on actual needs can improve the efficiency of employees, and the machine is the same. For example, the br326 baler is used without training. Each operation button does not know what it does, nor how to operate it. Adjusting the amount of tension, the length of the hot melt time, multiple jogs, etc., it will cause a lot of trouble to the machine. Large wear and tear failures reduce life, etc., and waste time and packaging materials.