Features metal powder briquetting press and the functions of each cylinder

- Dec 06, 2019-

In the metal processing industry, especially the numerical control industry, a lot of metal powder and metal strips will be produced. These are unnecessary waste products and can be reused after being flattened by the metal powder press. Not only does it control environmental pollution, it also enables waste recycling to save costs.

Hydraulic transmission, highly integrated valve block, large flow path, less pressure loss and good sealing performance. The body adopts a horizontal overall steel structure, which has high strength and good stability, and does not need to install anchor screws. The use of the cartridge valve, the electro-hydraulic proportional valve and the unique oil circuit design make the hydraulic system flawless. Even if it works under a large load for a long time, the system will not fail.

 Metal powder briquetting press equipment features:

PLC control, fully automatic operation;

Siemens motor, Huade hydraulic system;

Gate pusher system, fast speed and high efficiency;

Equipment is equipped with a collection system for collecting nights, which can collect compressed waste liquid;

Can be equipped with screw conveyors to improve production efficiency;

Horizontal design, stable and reliable, convenient feeding.

Name and function of each cylinder of metal powder briquetting press:

A. The main pressure cylinder is connected to the punch and the metal bulk material in the mold is extruded. It is the largest in the cylinder group and the most important one.

B. The speed-increasing oil cylinder, above the main pressure oil cylinder, is used to increase the extrusion speed of the main pressure oil cylinder, increase work efficiency, and increase the speed during the return stroke.

C. Feed cylinder to push the metal chips in the hopper into the mold.

D. Briquette pushing cylinder is used to push out the briquette/cake after falling down from the mould.

D. The action sequence (cycle) of each cylinder: briquette push cylinder quickly forward--- feed cylinder forward- main pressure cylinder forward--- accelerate cylinder forward --- main cylinder is little return--- feed cylinderreturn--- Cake block forming-briquette pushing cylinders back --- main pressure cylinders forward --- main pressure cylinders return--- acceleration cylinders reurn --- briquette push cylinder forward---briquette/cake pushed out