Frequent maintenance of horizontal hydraulic Scrap Metal Iron Shaving Baler

- Feb 11, 2021-

The daily maintenance of the horizontal hydraulic metal baler requires the operator to conduct a shutdown inspection of the equipment, and to maintain the equipment in strict accordance with the required operating procedures. In particular, pay attention to the sound, vibration, oil pressure and other conditions when the equipment is running. Any problems should be reported in time.

Clean the production site in time to ensure that the packaging site is clean. In order to reduce the wear and tear of equipment, eliminate hidden dangers of accidents, and prolong the service life, the operation is based on the operator and the operation is planned.

How to maintain the horizontal hydraulic metal baler?

1. The hydraulic system and cooling system should be tested frequently to ensure normal operation;

2. Do a good job of external protection, use shelters or workshops to avoid freezing or rain;

3. If the temperature drops quickly, keep warm and use antifreeze hydraulic oil;

4. If the workload is heavy every day, water should be added every day, and the cooling water should be discharged in time after the work is completed every day;

5. The hydraulic oil, batch, manufacturer, production date, etc. purchased from regular manufacturers should be strictly checked, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time, and records should be kept;

6. High-efficiency, wear-resistant hydraulic oil can be used, and the hydraulic system can avoid impurities or thick hydraulic oil, and adjust it in time;

7. Maintenance of hydraulic components, timely detection of each rotating part of the waste paper box baler, if there is any abnormality, timely scientific methods should be adopted.

Horizontal hydraulic metal baler plays a key role in the recycling, transportation and cost reduction of the scrap metal industry. At home and abroad, especially European and American countries, more and more attention is paid to the research and development of horizontal hydraulic metal baler. With the continuous increase of domestic scrap metal recycling rate, traditional metal baler can no longer meet the needs of the rapid development of the industry.