Heavy Duty Gantry Shear Application and Features

- Jul 04, 2020-

Heavy Duty Gantry Shear Application and Features

1. The application of the product

This machine is a large-scale scrap steel processing facility, which can cut all kinds of scrap steel, steel billets, steel pipes, steel structural parts and scrapped cars, etc., which can provide high-quality furnace materials for the metallurgical industry, and is important for the metallurgical industry and large-scale metal recycling industry. Processing Equipment.

2. Features of the product

(1). The machine adopts spare hopper, and the structure of the front of the scissors, the work efficiency is high.

(2), machine, electricity, and liquid integrated control, simple and easy to learn, intuitive and convenient operation.

(3) The imported programmable controller and cartridge valve are used for joint control, with high reliability and easy maintenance.

(4). Each moving part is driven by hydraulic pressure, which is stable in work, large in shear force and high in efficiency.