High temperature damage to non-metallic balers

- Oct 21, 2019-

High temperature damage to non-metallic balers

Non-metal balers are also known as strapping machines. It has a very important social status in today's industrial development. Many companies and companies produce activities that are inseparable from waste paper balers, but there are now various types of products on the market. Many users are dazzled by various waste paper packaging machines. People don't know how to choose the waste paper baler that suits them. In fact, people don't have a certain understanding of waste paper balers, as long as we have all kinds of. Choosing the right baler for your function is not difficult.

There are currently three non-metallic balers on the market:

1. It is a common manual waste paper baler. Waste paper packaging requires manual handling, but at a relatively low price.

2. Semi-automatic waste paper baler. Before work, people need to manually insert the tape into the waste paper baler, and then the semi-automatic baler will do the rest. He is more advanced than the former.

3. This is an automatic waste paper baler. It does not require any manual operation. Just put the waste paper in the baler and you can complete the good packaging. It is more convenient and faster in people's work.

What is the damage caused by the high temperature of the non-metal baler?

1. Accelerate the oxidation and enthalpy of the oil, separate the asphalt material, and reduce the service life of the hydraulic oil. The plugging hole is separated from the slit valve port, causing the pressure valve to be stuck and unable to move, and the metal pipe is elongated and damaged.

2. The packer rubber seal is deformed, accelerates aging failure, reduces sealing performance and service life, and forms a leak.

3. The air pressure in the oil drops, the dissolved air in the oil escapes, and cavitation occurs, causing the hydraulic system to work.

4. Reduce oil viscosity and increase leakage. The volumetric power of the pump and the power of the entire system are significantly reduced. As the viscosity of the oil decreases, the oil film of the moving parts such as the slide valve becomes thinner and split, the frictional resistance increases, and the wear increases.

5. Thermal deformation of the packaging machinery parts. The moving parts with different thermal expansion coefficients of the hydraulic components are stuck due to the small clearance, causing malfunctions, affecting the transmission accuracy of the hydraulic system, resulting in poor transmission of the hydraulic system.