How to adjust the Waste Metal Pressing Baler during use

- Aug 15, 2020-

With the development and update of technology, many enterprises will use the baler to improve production efficiency. Therefore, the operator must be familiar with the operation specifications and use methods of the baler. To ensure that the packaging effect is beautiful and strong, the baler must be adjusted correctly.

1. The adjustment of the tightening force of the packing belt: when we pack, the packing belt should not be too tight or too loose when it is strapped, because this will cause the packing work to not be successfully completed, then we should adjust the top of the belt Screws are tightened in a clockwise direction and loosened in a counterclockwise direction. Only when the binding force is moderate can the perfect completion of the packaging work be guaranteed.

Second, the adjustment of the length of the tape feed: the length of the tape sent out is determined by the tape length adjuster on the front panel. If the strap is too short, it is easy to tie the hands. At this time, the baler can grasp the strap head by hand and pull the strap out in the direction of the strap. However, the length of the feeding belt needs to be readjusted to ensure the normal binding of the next lane. If the strap is too long, it is not easy to align the position. The strap and the Panasonic strap are easy to wrap together, causing the strap to be misaligned or broken. If the tape is too long or too short, the normal completion of the packaging work cannot be completed, so we should pay attention to the adjustment of the tape when adjusting the baler.