How to maintain the Scrap Steel Metal Iron Baler Machine

- Feb 12, 2021-

Metal balers are automated and mechanized equipment that replaces labor costs. Any equipment needs maintenance. Then, how to maintain the metal balers?

1. The hydraulic system should be tested frequently, the cooling system and the hydraulic system should be used correctly. For details, please refer to the maintenance manual of the metal baler.

2. Do a good job of external protection, use canopy or workshop to avoid freezing or rain.

3. If the temperature drops quickly, keep warm and use antifreeze hydraulic oil.

4. If the workload is heavy every day, water should be added every day, and the cooling water should be discharged in time after the work is completed every day.

5. When buying hydraulic oil from a regular manufacturer, the batch, manufacturer, production date, etc. should be strictly checked, the hydraulic oil should be replaced in time, and records should be kept.

6. High-efficiency and wear-resistant hydraulic oil can be used, and the hydraulic system can avoid impurities or thick hydraulic oil and adjust it in time.

7. For the maintenance of hydraulic components, the various rotating parts of the metal baler should be inspected in time. If there is any abnormality, scientific methods should be adopted in time.

After the purchase of any large mechanical product, it is repaired by three parts and seven parts by maintenance, which shows the importance of maintenance to the metal baler.