How to recycle Waste Metal?

- Jun 05, 2020-

How to recycle Waste Metal?

Separate different metals for recycling is an important rule in the metal recycling process

1. Separate tin from aluminum. Tin is usually hard and the seams are easy to identify.

The recovered iron and aluminum are compressed into blocks at the recycling plant,

2. Place it in steel or aluminum ingots made in steel mills or aluminum smelters, and complete the replacement of iron cans and aluminum cans.

Compared with bauxite, the use of recycled tanks can reduce energy consumption by 82%, air pollution by 85%, water pollution by 80%, and waste by 90%.

Compared with iron ore grades, the energy consumption of iron made from recycled tanks has been reduced by 52%, air pollution by 68%, water pollution by 72%, and waste by 95%.

Principle of metal recycling machine

The high-frequency power supply is used to continuously bring the noble metal ions in the solution into the rotating cathode to form a dense noble metal layer and effectively recover the noble metal.

Advantages of metal recycling machine

1. Noble metal anode, no pollution medicine.

2. Stable operation and reasonable length.

3. Unique rotating design, the electrolysis efficiency is more than three times that of ordinary recycling equipment

4. Intelligent control system

5. The equipment adopts anti-corrosion design, which replaces long and has high stability.