Hydraulic impact of Push Out Waste Metal Baler

- Feb 21, 2021-

Before understanding the hydraulic shock of metal baler, let me give you a popular science what is hydraulic shock? The so-called hydraulic shock is the sudden closing of the valve port or the sudden stop of the action when the hydraulic system is suddenly started, stopped, shifted or changed. Due to the inertia of the flowing liquid and the moving parts, a high peak pressure is formed in the system instantaneously. It is easy to cause hydraulic shock during operation of some relatively large machines. Only after a comprehensive understanding of the hydraulic shock of the metal baler can the harm caused by the hydraulic shock to the metal baler be avoided.

In a metal baler, the hydraulic valve is suddenly closed for rapid braking or hydraulic cylinders, for example, if the fluid system is suddenly blocked. At this time, due to the inertial effect of the fluid, the liquid can quickly convert the kinetic energy to the horizontal pressure from the end, so the three-way flow, and then convert the kinetic energy into pressure energy, so the energy conversion is repeated. Due to the rapid reciprocating pressure wave, pressure oscillates in the system. In fact, due to fluid friction and elastic fluid and walls, energy will continue to be consumed, causing the oscillation process to gradually decay and become stable. The influence of the hydraulic system, the liquid can have several transient pressure peaks greater than the normal operating pressure. Hydraulic shock may damage sealing devices, pipes or hydraulic components, and also cause vibration equipment and generate loud noises. Sometimes, some hydraulic components, such as hydraulic pressure, can affect the pressure relay, and the sequence valve can cause misoperation, which affects the normal operation of the system.

The emergence of hydraulic shock may cause greater damage to the hydraulic system, and its consequences are more serious in a high-pressure, high-speed and large-flow system. Therefore, try to avoid the formation of hydraulic shock during operation. The metal baler, with reasonable equipment design, less space, and good packing effect, brings convenience for users to pack, and the quality and technology can be trusted.