Hydraulic Metal Baler Common faults,Causes and Troubleshooting Solutions

- Jun 29, 2020-

Hydraulic Metal Baler Common faults,Causes and Troubleshooting Solutions

1 The main pressure head, side pressure head and door cover are crawling during operation. There is air in the cylinder system. Multiple working cycles are sufficient.

2 No action or no pressure when there is action, the spool of the overflow valve is stuck and the valve port

If the seal is not tight, the adjustment handle is loose, clean the overflow valve, check the valve core,

Whether the seal is damaged, tighten the adjustment handle

3 The flipper of the top charter machine is misaligned with the bottom plate or the return stroke is not in place. There is iron filings or garbage under the top plate bottom

4 The lock of the cover lock is not secure. There is a foreign object under the limit plate of the cover or in the lock hole of the box.

5 The oil pump is noisy The oil pump is empty, the filter is clogged, the suction pipe or the oil inlet of the pump is leaking, the plunger is broken, the bearing is broken. Clean or replace the filter and clean the pipeline;

Replace plunger, bearing

6 There is oil leakage in the hydraulic system. Seals are aging, falling or

Loose joints Replace or install seals or

Tighten the pipe joint

7 Vibration or insufficient pressure in the hydraulic pipeline. The tightening bolts of the tubing pipe clamp are loose. The tightening pipe clamp

8 The oil cylinder has oil drag or insufficient pressure. The aging of the seal ring causes the oil cylinder

Bad seal Replace seal

9 Insufficient or no pressure of the oil pump Oil pump body, oil distribution plate is worn or plunger is damaged Oil pump overhaul or replace new pump

10 The oil is milky white and milky. There is water in the oil. Replace with new oil.