Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries visited Chinese Papermaking Society

- Jun 12, 2020-

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries visited Chinese Papermaking Society

Mr. Scott first introduced the general situation of ISRI. ISRI is headquartered in Washington, DC, with nearly 4,000 business locations in 34 countries, 1300 member units, and many members in China. ISRI's services involve many fields such as metal, paper and fiber, glass, plastic and rubber. The service items include safety training, research reports, and policy information. China is a big importer of waste paper. In view of the fact that the members of the China Paper Society are dominated by paper mills, ISRI hopes to cooperate with the Paper Society to shorten the distance with Chinese paper mills and clarify the needs of Chinese paper mills for waste paper recycling.

Both Mr. Scott and Secretary-General Cao Chunyu pointed out that one of the key challenges in the recycling process of waste paper is the quality of waste paper. The United States and my country are currently facing the problem of difficulty in sorting and recycling waste paper. The revision of the waste paper classification standard aims to provide assistance to waste paper suppliers, paper mills and traders, and provide guidance for waste paper market transactions. The newly revised content includes the addition of 58# sorted clean waste newspaper (SCN), 56# sorted residential area waste paper (SRP), 54# mixed waste paper (MP), and the new revised standard was adopted in 2016. Effective June 1. The original 6#, 7# and 8# waste newspapers and 1#, 2# and 3# mixed waste paper will no longer be used as of July 1, 2017.


Mr. Scott pointed out that in order to revise the classification standards of waste paper, ISRI widely solicited the opinions of relevant practitioners in the waste paper industry, and obtained effective information in the form of research. If Chinese waste paper suppliers or paper mills have any classification standards for waste paper Suggestions or comments can also directly feed back information to ISRI. Mr. Scott hopes to use the power of the China Paper Industry Society to promote the newly revised waste paper classification standards. Secretary-General Cao Chunyu expressed his willingness to support and cooperate with ISRI to promote the transactional standardization of the waste paper market, suggesting that ISRI can address the detailed revision of waste paper classification standards, Carry out related activities before and after the revision of the standard differences and the impact on paper mills and users. Finally, Secretary-General Cao Chunyu expressed his gratitude to Mr. Scott's visit and hoped that both parties would establish a long-term cooperative relationship and jointly promote the standardized development of the waste paper market.