Introduction of gantry type plate shears

- Mar 19, 2020-

Gantry type plate shears are mainly used to process and cut all kinds of plates into various specifications of materials, especially for the processing of plates, which can completely replace flame cutting and reduce the processing cost. The shear force is 100 tons to 250 tons. The size of the main materials to be cut (12-20mm) × 250mm. The number of cuts is 8-12 per minute. The series requires simple infrastructure.


(1) This machine is driven by hydraulic pressure. Compared with mechanical driven shears, it has the characteristics of small volume, light weight, small motion inertia, low noise, stable movement, flexible operation, large cutting section, etc.

(2) With the integrated control of hydraulic and electric, it can realize single and continuous action conversion, and it is simple and convenient to use. It can stop and run at any working position, and it is easy to realize overload protection.

(3) It can be used not only as the processing equipment of metal recovery processing unit, but also as the metal cutting processing equipment of furnace material processing and mechanical construction industry in foundry workshop.

(4) Improve production efficiency.