It is important to use a Waste Metal Pressing Baler to adjust the bandwidth

- Aug 24, 2020-

Anyone who has used a baler knows that each baler has a certain range when used with baler. The standard that determines this range is the bandwidth of the baler. The adjustment of the bandwidth of the baler is mainly to adapt the channel of the baler to the width of the baler. Because this width will greatly affect the packing effect of the baler, it is important to use the baler to adjust the bandwidth.

The bandwidth of the strapping machine is adjusted too low. The strapping can not be put in at all. It can be put in time. It will also affect the normal transmission of the strapping, causing burrs in the strapping, affecting the packing effect, and reducing work efficiency. The bandwidth of the strapping machine is adjusted too wide, and there will be deviations when the strapping is bonded. This bonding effect is not only an aesthetic problem, but more importantly, it will reduce the tensile strength of the strapping.

Therefore, we must pay attention to the operating specifications when using the baler, and the cooperation between the baler and the strap is also very important. Jinan Samsung Plastic Factory will provide high-quality packing belts at the same time as it produces baling machines, which will reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles when used together.