Maintenance of Baling Press Baler Machine

- Feb 01, 2021-

Metal baler is a kind of mechanical equipment, very common and very durable. Then any mechanical equipment needs certain maintenance to effectively extend its service life during the use process. Let’s talk about its maintenance details below.

1. Before using the metal baler, we need to carry out regular inspections, from the appearance of the equipment to the inside of the machine, after checking that there is no abnormality, then turn on the equipment for a day of work.

2. In the process of use, once the packer is found to have abnormal sounds or jammed items or twisted packaging materials, it is necessary to suspend the equipment and turn it on after adjustment and investigation.

3. Small parts and papers on the product cannot be stuck in key positions such as the conveyor belt of the packer, compression mechanism, etc., it is easy to jam the mechanical parts and cause the equipment to stop running suddenly.

The above content is a summary of how to carry out daily maintenance of the metal baler. In the process of daily use, as long as we pay attention to these details, we can definitely increase its service life.