Metal Baler Press Machinemodel

- Sep 13, 2020-

The metal chip briquetting machine is mainly used to directly cool and press metal raw materials such as cast iron chips, steel chips, copper chips, aluminum chips, high-quality ore powder into high-pressure cylindrical or other shaped cake blocks of 3-6 kg for easy storage. Transport and reduce the loss of transportation and smelting in the process of recycling.

Model classification:

This series of equipment is divided into two types of vertical models and horizontal models in the classification of models:

The vertical model is a popular model that is widely used today, with large design tonnage, large output, and a wide range of applications;

The horizontal model has the main oil cylinder placed horizontally, and the seals are affected by gravity. After the design pressure increases, the seals are unbalanced and the local wear is greater, the service life is greatly reduced, and they cannot meet the requirements of long-term continuous use of large output. Use small tonnage models (design pressure should not exceed 2000KN), the application range is small.