Method for cleaning automatic Waste Metal Pressing Baler

- Jul 25, 2020-

The automatic packing belt is the most widely used product in the packaging industry, and the effect is very good, especially in the high-efficiency and other good conditions on the bundling of a large number of goods, but it must be simply cleaned when it is used. Ensure the secondary use of the product, otherwise the packing belt will not only look unsightly, but also greatly reduce the use effect. The most contact during the packaging process is the baler, so it is very important to maintain the cleanliness of the baler. In general, the cleaning frequency of the baler should be carried out at the same time with the cleaning work every day. When it is running at high speed, it should also be cleaned frequently, so as to ensure the packaging. The normal operation of the machine. After the baler is cleaned, the validity period of storage is 72 hours. After the expiration date, it should be cleaned again before use. Of course, the most important point is the use of sanitary ware. Wipe it with detergent and water.