Method for dealing with unsound bonding of Waste Metal Pressing Baler

- Aug 06, 2020-

Packing machine is one of the packing machines, and it is also widely used. However, when users use the packing machine, there will be a problem. So often the tape breaks, and what causes this? After the baler tightens the tightening signal of the clutch, it will give the baler a signal to bond the hot tape, so there is also a workflow for cutting the hot tape, and the equipment is most likely to appear in this workflow. The fault is that the bonding is not strong, so how to solve it? Xiaobian answers for you.

1. If the temperature of the ironing head of the baler is too high, the temperature of the baler will not reach the bonding temperature of the belt, so the expected bonding effect cannot be achieved;

2. The second is the quality of the packing belt, because the material of the packing belt is different, then the parameters during the packing process of the Jinan packing machine will be different, and some of them are also adjusted according to the material of the packing belt. The quality of the belt is high;

3. The cutters of the baler are not functioning properly, and the cutters and the bonding table of the baler are the key points of the hot tape bonding of the baler, and there must be a gap between the two. It is just that the adhesion of the packing tape is unfavorable, and the phenomenon of unsound adhesion will occur.