Non-metal baler motor common faults and maintenance methods

- Oct 13, 2019-

Non-metal baler motor common faults and maintenance methods

The main advantages of the non-metal baler motor are the good start-up and speed regulation performance, and the strong overload capability. The shortcomings of the non-metal baler DC motor are mainly reflected in the current commutation. The motor belongs to the power source of the non-metal baler. The fault of the motor affects the whole machine. How to troubleshoot the motor?

1. The normal operation of the non-metal baler motor and pump is due to the abnormal sound of the motor: the motor bearing is damaged; the motor is out of phase;

2. The reason for the strong vibration of the non-metal baler motor is that the motor and the mechanical center it drives are inconsistent; the coupling fails; the unit loses balance, the foundation is not strong, and the rotor is set to touch the broom:

3. The reason why the non-metal baler motor can't be started is: the power is not turned on; the fuse is blown; the overload protection action; the wiring of the control device is wrong.

When the after-sales maintenance of the automatic hydraulic non-metal baler, the inspection method for the after-sales service personnel to eliminate the failure of the baler is to check whether the faulty parts of the non-metal baler can operate normally, thereby ensuring the normal operation of the automatic hydraulic non-metal baler during operation. Stable, non-metallic baler manufacturers after-sales personnel should try to meet the following conditions when troubleshooting non-metal balers:

1. The failure analysis personnel should have a strong sense of advancement. With quick judgment ability, problems can be found when the fault is at the beginning, and effective measures are taken to prevent large faults from forming large faults.

2, should ensure the accuracy of the conclusion, only to get very accurate data conclusions, can reduce the time and effort used to eliminate the fault, but also early to prevent some of the common faults of the automatic hydraulic non-metallic baler. Therefore, we should make the fault analysis of the automatic hydraulic non-metal baler as deep as possible.

3, is to ensure the correct conclusion, if you can not get the correct cause of the failure, you can not troubleshoot. Therefore, the correct diagnosis conclusion is whether the fully automatic hydraulic non-metal baler can restore its normal foundation.

4, need to be fast, time is life, the key hydraulic automatic hydraulic non-metal baler equipment shutdown will cause the entire packing station, so the staff stop working, must solve the problem of failure every second, and resume production.

5, is to ensure that the conclusion is simple and applicable, because there are many factors in the work site, but because precision and complex instruments are not necessarily applicable, and the price is more expensive, we need to use a relatively simple and effective way to deal with fully automatic hydraulic non- The problem of metal baler failure.

6, after-sales personnel of non-metal baler manufacturers must have high vocational training, troubleshooting and troubleshooting capabilities, because the service staff's work standards and service attitude directly determine the customer's recognition of the brand.