Operating procedures for plate shears

- Apr 01, 2020-

First: carefully implement the relevant provisions of the general operating procedures for forging equipment.

Second, earnestly implement the following supplementary provisions:

1. Before work:

1) Before idling for test run, manually turn a working stroke, and start the equipment after confirming that it is normal.

2) . for the equipment with hydraulic device, check whether the oil volume in the oil tank is sufficient. After starting the oil pump, check whether there is leakage in the valve and pipeline, and the pressure shall meet the requirements. Open the bleeder valve to let off the air in the system.

2. In the process of work, we should conscientiously:

1) . it is not allowed to cut the laminated sheet, trim the edge of the raw edge sheet, and cut the narrow sheet and short sheet which are not pressed tightly.

2) The gap between knife plates shall be adjusted according to the thickness of the plate, but it shall not be greater than the most 1 / 30 of the plate. The cutter plate shall be fastened firmly, and the upper and lower cutter plates shall be kept parallel. After alignment, manual turning shall be used for inspection to avoid accidents.

3) . the cutting edge of the knife plate shall be kept sharp. If the cutting edge becomes blunt or cracks, it shall be replaced in time.

4) . during shearing, the pressing device shall firmly press the plate, and it is not allowed to shear under the state of not pressing.

5) For the equipment with hydraulic device, other hydraulic valves except throttling valve are not allowed to be adjusted without permission.

6) For the thickness of the plate sheared by the hydraulic tilting shear, it shall be determined according to the curve of the relationship between the ultimate strength of the plate and the thickness of the plate.

3. After working, the upper plate shall be placed at the lowest position.

Before operation, it is required to wear tight protective clothing with cuffs fastened. The lower part of the coat shall not be opened. It is not allowed to wear, take off or change clothes beside the starting machine tool, or wrap the cloth on the body to prevent the machine from being twisted. Safety helmet must be worn, braids should be put into the hat, and skirts and slippers are not allowed.

The operator of the shearing machine must be familiar with the main structure, performance and use method of the shearing machine.

The shearing machine is suitable for cutting all kinds of steel plates, copper plates, aluminum plates and non-metallic plates with the thickness of the machine tool rating, and it must be the materials without hard marks, welding slag, slag inclusion and welding seam, and it is not allowed to exceed the thickness.

Use method of shearing machine: adjust the gap of blade according to the thickness of the material to be cut; adjust the profiling or fixture according to the width of the material to be cut; make 1-3 times of empty stroke before the operation of the shearing machine, and then carry out the shearing work after it is normal.

In case of abnormal operation of the machine during operation, the power supply shall be cut off immediately for shutdown inspection.

When adjusting the machine tool, the power supply must be cut off. When moving the workpiece, pay attention to the safety of the hand.

All parts of the plate shears shall be lubricated regularly. Each shift shall be filled with lubricating oil by the operator, and the rolling bearing shall be filled with lubricating oil by the mechanic every half a year.