Perfect coordination between the parts of the Automatic Scrap Metal Baler

- Jul 16, 2020-

The rapid development of the baler industry has continuously updated the technology of the baler. From manual baler to semi-automatic baler, to fully automatic baler, although the equipment price is getting higher and higher, the benefits that can bring to the enterprise are also increasing. The fully automatic baler can reduce the labor level and save labor costs, while also improving work efficiency and optimizing packaging quality.

The fully automatic baler is controlled by dual circuits, which reduces the internal load of the machine's electric board, and the operation of each circuit of the baler structure is more smooth and stable. The working principle of the equipment is to complete the packaging by tightening, heat capacity, cutting tape, and bonding. The parts of the baler are precisely processed by computer numerical control machine tools, with excellent packaging tightness, few failures and easy maintenance. The use of high-quality material guide pulley effectively solves the problems of ordinary plastic guide pulley wear and PP belt cassette. The high-strength blade with a hardness of 65 greatly improves the ability to cut the belt and the life of the blade. The resin caster is more convenient Mechanical movement, the caster will not deform under long-term load.