Precautions for operating the Waste Metal Pressing Baler in summer

- Aug 21, 2020-

Most of the equipment will be affected by high temperature when it is used in summer, so there are some precautions when using the baler in summer. Especially the baler that works 24 hours in the fully automatic production line needs more attention. Today, the editor and everyone will talk about the precautions for operating the baler in the summer.

1. Pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation. In the work process, not only the motor generates heat, but also the heat of the scalding head cannot be ignored. Although the scalding head is equipped with a fan for heat dissipation, due to the high temperature in summer, the role of this small fan is minimal.

2. Refuel the transmission components. Because the summer is relatively wet, the various components of the baler are very prone to rust, so it is necessary to refuel and maintain.

3. Pay attention to the stability of the power supply. Since summer is the peak period of electricity consumption, the stability of the power supply should be paid special attention to by the enterprise. The unstable power supply is very easy to cause damage to electrical components, so users need to pay more attention to the stability of the power supply.