Product advantages of Metal Baler Press Machine

- Oct 29, 2020-

The machine adopts a new type of integrated circuit and an access PC board to control the entire packaging action and subwoofer design. 2. The whole machine has a complete and mature combination, extremely low noise, and reduces work pressure. 3. The bundling speed is fast and the heating is instantaneous. The heating film can work within 5 seconds and enter the best packaging state, saving electricity and practical. 4. After the bundling action is completed, the inner stop is in the standby state. 5. Improved design, meticulous manufacturing, wide application range, no matter the size of packaging, it can be packaged without adjusting the machine. 6. The machine is a mechanical structure, some of which are imported parts, the back blade is stable and reliable, and it is easy to adjust. 7. The packing machine has a high table top, which is convenient to operate and suitable for packing light items. 8. There is no deformation and short circuit characteristics, and the packaging has a wide range of applications. Ensure that the belt is smooth and no noise.