Quality of Heavy Scrap Metal Sheet Compactor Machine and basic safety construction technology

- Feb 15, 2021-

The round nails should be cut off before sinking the connecting rod bolts through the wall caisson. Especially in the undrained sink, it is always well cleaned and reinforced to prevent the diver's wetsuit from cutting and causing an accident. When the area of the caisson is large, undrained sinking is used, and the diver's through-hole drilling should be divided. Then it should be a floating platform for divers.

Use a grab bucket to grab soil, and the internal holes of personnel and equipment should be out of the game in advance. If it cannot be recovered, effective safety protection measures should be taken to properly protect it. Use manual earth-moving machinery for transportation, bucket filling, away from underground workers, and signals before lifting. With hydraulic machinery, a corresponding relationship should be established between underground operations and water pumping stations. The nozzle and the hydraulic machinery of the suction dredger should be tested, and the combination must be to hold the water tightly.

The silt or clay loam in the sinking of the caisson, the drilling platform application platform, which is strictly forbidden to be fixed on the wall, partition wall and bottom beam. The caisson sinks suddenly, and the platform should be able to lower the well with the soil. Use borehole pumping to force the sinking, and the personnel on the well should maintain the caisson. Safety measures should be taken if you cannot leave. The caisson, such as the sinking drainage pump through undrainage, should be observed to confirm that the caisson is stable before allowing the well to operate. When the load-stabilized caisson sinks, the loading and unloading platform should be calculated, and other tasks should be stopped within the range of loading or unloading operations; the caisson working platform with underwater concrete backing should be forcibly built, and the conduit should be around the railway.