Reasons for abnormal pressure in non-metallic balers

- Oct 12, 2019-

Reasons for abnormal pressure in non-metallic balers

When the non-metal baler is working, sometimes the pressure of the non-metal baler is abnormal. Usually, this is mainly caused by the oil filter clogging, the system oil viscosity is too low, the motor power is insufficient, etc. Let's talk about the reasons why the pressure of the non-metal baler is not normal.

The basic requirements of the non-metal baler for the hydraulic system pressure control loop are: easy pressure regulation and accurate pressure regulation; the system has no hydraulic shock, vibration and noise; the pressure is reliable, no leakage; the oil temperature rise is low. The non-metallic baler pressure control circuit uses the pressure control valve to achieve the pressure control of the hydraulic system to meet the requirements of the force, torque and various actions of the actuator on the system pressure. The performance of the pressure control loop depends mainly on the pressure control valve. The common feature of the pressure control valve is to use the principle of balancing the hydraulic pressure and the spring force. The common causes of the pressure failure of the non-metal baler are as follows. ,

First, the pressure of non-metal balers can't be adjusted. The main reason is that the opening pressure of the main spool is lower than the set value. The specific reasons are as follows: (1) Non-metallic baler pilot-operated relief valve orifice is blocked, the pilot valve loses control of the main valve, and the main spool overcomes the upper end hydraulic pressure and spring at the lower end of the hydraulic pressure. The force (the upper end spring is very stiff) moves up and creates an overflow. The overflow valve that works normally in the system suddenly fails. 2 The valve port is not tightly closed and the leakage is serious. The specific reasons for the non-metallic baler to cause the valve port to be tightly closed are: burrs, dirt, etc. are stuck in the valve port position, and the valve port is opened; the valve core and the valve sleeve are inconsistent coaxiality, the valve core is stuck, the valve The mouth is not tight; the valve core is seriously worn. 3 The pressure regulating spring of the relief valve is too soft and is incorrectly installed or missing.

Second, the pressure can not be adjusted after the increase. The main reasons for the non-metal baler are: the damper hole of the pilot valve is blocked, causing the main valve to not open; the wick is stuck in the closed position by burrs, dirt, etc., the main valve can not be opened; the inlet and outlet of the valve is installed in the fashion There is no pressure oil to push the spool to shift, and the spool cannot be opened.

Third, non-metallic balers have large fluctuations in pressure. The main reasons are: poor contact between the valve core and the valve seat; the valve core is not flexible in the movement of the valve sleeve; the damping hole is too large, the damping effect is weakened; resonance occurs; air is mixed in the oil.