Reasons for excessive temperature of hydraulic oil in scrap iron briquetting machine and how to solve it

- Oct 16, 2019-

Reasons for excessive temperature of hydraulic oil in scrap iron briquetting machine and how to solve it

We all know that the scrap iron briquetting machine is a kind of metal briquetting machine. It belongs to hydraulic equipment. The high hydraulic oil has a great influence on the performance of equipment (xìng néng). The waste paper baler is used to extrude waste paper and similar products under normal conditions, and is packaged and formed by special packaging belts, so that the volume thereof is greatly reduced, thereby reducing the transportation volume, saving freight, and increasing the efficiency for the enterprise. Introduced advanced technology and advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad. In order to have a clear understanding of the excessive temperature of the hydraulic oil, we will introduce the reasons for the excessive temperature of the hydraulic oil of the scrap iron briquetting machine and how to solve it.

After summarizing, the reasons for the excessive temperature of the hydraulic oil of the scrap iron briquetting machine are as follows:

1. Cooling device blockage does not work or the cooling fan (Fan) rotates too slowly, resulting in poor heat dissipation. The scrap iron briquetting block is used for water cooling or air cooling. The water cooling may cause heat dissipation due to the heat sink being too dirty or the water circulation is not smooth. Not good, air-cooling will cause the temperature of the fins to become too high due to excessive oil contamination. The cooler should be cleaned or replaced according to the situation.

2. The hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is too small, so that the heat generated by the hydraulic system cannot be taken away, which will cause the oil temperature to be too high. It should be checked regularly whether the amount of hydraulic oil is lower than the normal value.

3. The scrap iron briquetting machine is overloaded for a long time. When the system pressure is adjusted too high, the overflow valve can not overflow and depressurize normally, resulting in an increase in internal leakage, resulting in an increase in system oil temperature, which should be based on raw materials and molding density. The Condition adjusts the pressure, and the set pressure cannot be adjusted at will.

4. There are air in the hydraulic system. When the air enters the hydraulic system, the air escapes from the oil in the low pressure zone to form bubbles. When it moves to the high pressure zone, these bubbles will be crushed by the high pressure oil. Rapid compression and release a large amount of heat, causing the oil temperature to rise and generate noise. It should be checked whether there is too little hydraulic oil, oil leakage from the hydraulic system, etc., and air is mixed in and air is removed.

5, improper selection of hydraulic oil, when the quality of hydraulic oil is not good, the brand is not the right time, the hydraulic system can not reduce the temperature, should choose the appropriate brand according to the local climate, choose the hydraulic oil produced by the big factory.

6, hydraulic (hydraulic) components appear worn or aging, will cause internal leakage, resulting in (to produce, contribute to) oil temperature is too high. The cylinder seal and the pump valve seal should be inspected for wear or aging and should be replaced immediately after discovery.

7. The hydraulic system design (Design) is unreasonable. The oil pipe is too long and too thin, the turning is too much, the fuel tank is too small, the resistance of the hydraulic oil increases when the hydraulic oil passes, and the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises. Waste paper baler has good toughness and stability, beautiful appearance, convenient operation and maintenance, safety and energy saving, low investment cost of equipment infrastructure engineering. It is widely used in various waste paper mills, old materials recycling companies and other unit enterprises. It is suitable for packing and recycling old waste paper and plastic straw. It is a good equipment to improve labor efficiency, reduce labor intensity, save manpower and reduce transportation costs. The hydraulic system should be designed according to the system system flow, and the hydraulic system should be rectified if the temperature is too high.

8. The internal leakage of the hydraulic system is serious. The oil pump (Deep well pump) runs at high speed, the hydraulic system enters the negative cycle, and the oil temperature rises.