Reasons why Waste Metal Pressing Baler is prone to failure

- Jul 19, 2020-

1. I bought a low-cost and low-quality baler with the same model and appearance, but the price is very different. The editor reminds you not to be fooled. The phrase "one price, one price" is not false. There are a large number of counterfeit and inferior products in the baler market. The manufacturer is unknown and the performance is unknown. Do not place orders in a hurry because of the low price.

Second, there is no sales guarantee for low-cost packers. Some regular manufacturers are really cheap. They take the route of small profits and quick sales. The editor reminds everyone not to buy them. This low-cost baler sells only the value of the baler, excluding after-sales service. The long-term high-power work of the baler will inevitably fail. At this time, the merchant will take the opportunity to bid for the price and increase the maintenance cost, but it is not a concession.

3. Improper operation and negligence of maintenance during the use of the baler. The baler must not be blown. The failure rate of the baler that has been blown is very high, and it should be used according to the operation. At the same time, the daily maintenance of the baler is indispensable. Appropriate maintenance can avoid the failure of the baler and extend the service life of the baler.

4. Improper management of disassembly and assembly, small and numerous parts of the baler, non-specialized personnel should not arbitrarily disassemble and assemble. When replacing parts, you need to use original parts to avoid damaging the original internal structure of the baler. Any small details will affect the performance of the baler.