Safe Operation Tips for Heavy Duty Gantry Shear!

- Jul 07, 2020-

Safe Operation Tips for Heavy Duty Gantry Shear!

1. Please read Operation Manual carefully before operation.

2. When stopping, the motor should be stopped and the power should be cut off.

3. The equipment must not be maintained and maintained during work, nor stand on the fuselage, and do not place body parts such as hands, head, feet, etc. in the box.

4. If it needs to be cleaned or maintained in the cabinet, the equipment should be stopped and the power supply of the equipment should be cut off. When the pipeline or system leaks oil or malfunctions, please immediately stop the machine and wait for the malfunction to be removed before running. It is forbidden to run the equipment ill or overload.

5. When disassembling the hydraulic valve, replacing the seals and checking the pipeline, please do it in the state of pressure relief of the system to avoid the high-pressure oil rushing away the hydraulic valve and the pipeline and damaging the human body during the disassembly.

6. Non-hydraulic professionals shall not arbitrarily adjust the hydraulic valves in the hydraulic system to avoid the equipment from running normally or damaging the hydraulic valves.

7. Do not leave people in front of the operating platform while the equipment is running.

8. According to the frequency of use, always check the connection between the installation position of the cylinder and other key parts, and there must be no hidden dangers such as loose screws or falling pins.

9. Please arrange fire extinguishing equipment near the hydraulic press. When there is a fire, please immediately cut off the power supply to protect the hydraulic station and avoid unnecessary losses.

10. The rise time of the pressure cylinder should not be less than 3 seconds

11. Please contact our after-sales service department if you cannot solve the problem.