Scrap iron briquetting machine installation operation rules can improve service life

- Oct 17, 2019-

Scrap iron briquetting machine installation operation rules can improve service life

Before buying a scrap iron briquetting machine, many customers are worried about not knowing how to operate the control, and fear of improperly damaging the equipment (shèbèi). Although the manufacturer will provide technical training to the operator, I feel it is necessary to introduce to you (Introduction): the safe operation procedure of the scrap iron briquetting machine, which not only provides equipment efficiency, but also improves equipment use (use). life.

First, the boot ready (ready) work

1. Before starting the machine, the surface of the scrap iron briquetting machine die and the column should be cleaned, the column should be lubricated, and the liquid level of the hydraulic pump station should be checked.

2. Check the oil pipe, cylinder and hydraulic valve for oil leakage. There is no abnormality before starting the machine.

Second, boot

First turn on the power switch (kāi guān), the power indicator light is on, press the "motor start" button, the motor starts, the hydraulic (hydraulic) pump is in an empty load cycle state. Hydraulic balers, also known as strapping machines, tape machines or strapping machines, use strapping straps to bundle products or packages, and then tighten and combine the two ends by hot-melt hot-melt bonding. The function of the baler is to reinforce the packaged articles so that the articles are not scattered during the handling and storage during the storage, and should be bundled neatly and beautifully.

Third, fully automatic operation

1. The "Working Status Selection" switch is placed in a fully automatic state. At this point, the device is in automatic mode and the production process typically uses automatic mode.

2. The raw materials are quantitatively transported into the bin, and the cloth cylinder pushes the bin to feed the raw materials into the cavity;

3. Through the control cabinet control, the slider is quickly lowered, after reaching the set limit, the slider is slowed down, and the punch and the cavity are closed and pressurized;

4. After reaching the set time, the slider is slightly up, the push block cylinder is retracted, the slider is descended, and the formed cake is pressed down;

5. Push the block cylinder forward and push the cake out to continue the next cycle.

Fourth, semi-automatic (semi-automatic) operation

1. The "state" (xuanze) switch is placed in a semi-automatic state. Generally used for debugging equipment;

2. The raw materials are quantitatively added into the cavity;

3. Press the “master cylinder down” button (botton), the slider will go down quickly, after reaching the limit (shè dìng) limit, the slider will slow down, and the punch and cavity will be closed and kept pressure;

4. After reaching the set time, tap the “master cylinder up” button (botton), the slider is slightly up, press the “push block back” button, push the block cylinder back, and then press the “master cylinder down” button, top Forming a cake piece;

5, press the "push block forward" button, the molding cake is pushed out, the whole process is completed.

Fifth, stop

1. Before shutting down, the raw materials in the tank and the cavity should be used up to avoid the mold being stuck at the next startup;

1. Lower the slider into the cavity, then press the “motor stop” button to turn off the oil pump and turn off the power switch.


1. Those who do not understand the performance of the machine structure or the procedure should not start the machine without authorization;

2. During the working process, the machine should not be repaired and adjusted; the human body is prohibited from entering the working area;

3. When the machine finds serious oil leakage or other abnormalities, it should stop to analyze the cause, try to eliminate it, and do not bring disease into production;

4. Do not overload or exceed the maximum eccentricity;

5. It is strictly forbidden to exceed the maximum stroke of the slider;

6. Electrical equipment grounding must be firm and reliable;