Solutions to the problem of automatic Waste Metal Pressing Baler feeding

- Jul 22, 2020-

1. If it is because the force of the lever pull spring is too small, the pressure of the roller can be adjusted appropriately.

2. In the case of non-retracting belt, there should be a gap of 0.3mm between the ejector rod and the lever. If the ejector rod is always pressed against the lever due to improper adjustment, the position of the ejector rod is too high and the ejector force is large, which is likely to cause The tape is not in place. At this time, the gap between the top rod and the lever needs to be adjusted

3. There is less storage belt in the belt warehouse. If there is not a sufficient number of belts in the belt warehouse, it is easy to cause the failure to send the belt in place. At this time, it is necessary to adjust the structure of the pre-feeding belt, and then adjust the storage capacity appropriately.

Fourth, the splitting of the lead, after the splitting of the lead, the poor running in the belt path is easy to cause the feeding belt to not be in place. The reason for the splitting is that the tightening force is too large, so only the proper tightening force can be adjusted to eliminate the faulty feeding. The situation in place.

Fifth, the pressure plate is too low will also affect the automatic baling machine feeding situation, the pressure plate is set for easy belt wearing, but if it is adjusted too low and the gap with the bottom of the swing bar is too small, it will affect When the belt advances and retreats freely, the belt feeding will not be in place. At this time, the belt pressing plate should be properly raised.

Sixth, the quality of the packing belt, the width or thickness of the packing belt is too large or too small and the bending is too strong may cause the belt to be not in place. Judgment method: manual belt feeding, if the manual belt feeding is not in place, the quality of the packaging belt does not meet the requirements of the machine; if the manual belt feeding is smooth, then suspect the failure of other parts!