Teach you how to properly maintain the metal powder cake press

- Dec 18, 2020-

In recent years, thin cards of precious metals have been widely used in the fields of finance, jewelry, crafts gifts and electronics.With the increase of national strength, the material and cultural life of the people has also been continuously improved,so there is an increasing demand for products made of precious metals.The metal is first pressed into flakes through a cake press before being processed into finished products. The metal powder cake press is a processing equipment that rolls the metal to make the metal thinner and finally obtain the required thickness. It includes a machine frame, on which a sheet-pressing roller set for squeezing precious metal sheets and a driving device for driving the sheet-pressing roller set to rotate; the sheet-pressing roller set includes an upper roller and a lower roller; the driving device is for driving the upper roller The drive motor that rotates with the lower roller; there is a reinforced pallet for holding the precious metal sheet between the upper roller and the lower roller; the reinforced pallet is fixed on the bracket; the side of the frame is provided with a control board and a An emergency stop switch used to control the emergency stop of the drive device; the emergency stop switch is set on the side of the frame to facilitate the operation of the operator with the legs. Maintenance of metal powder cake press machine: 1. The machine tool is installed on a firm foundation, and the location should be far away from the source of the earthquake, avoid sunlight and heat radiation, and place it in a dry place to avoid the influence of humidity and airflow. 2. Carefully check whether all parts of the machine tool are refueled as required, whether enough coolant is added to the cooling tank, and whether the oil of the automatic lubrication device of the machine tool reaches the position specified by the oil level indicator. 3. Clean the surface of the pressure roller with a cloth/alcohol to ensure that there is no dirt on the surface. 4. Install the power cord. The power cord has 5 wires, of which 3 are 380V voltage. One is a neutral wire, marked as N/Neutral wire, and one is a ground wire, marked as PE or ground wire. After installing the wire, try to boot and observe the voltage Whether the rotation direction of the roller is consistent with the forward and reverse rotation of the switch mark. 5. Check whether the switches and components in the electrical control box are normal. 6. Preparation before trial operation, check whether there are tools and other items on the metal powder cake press, and whether all protections and protective devices are effective.